Renting an Apartment Or Mansion In Medellin

Vacation rentals in Medellin offer a far truer and more interesting perspective on this intriguing city than can be obtained when staying alongside all of the other tourists in a hotel. A rental apartment allows you to settle into a comfortable, if temporary, home alongside the local residents and to see the city from their point of view.

Medellin rentals are a particularly good option if you are visiting the city during one of the exciting festivals or events that are held here during the year. You will be particularly lucky if you can find Medellin rentals that are located near the parts of the city where the celebrations will be held, but even if you have to enjoy the festivities from a distant base, you will find that you experience a lot more of the local culture and the excitement when you are staying in a vacation rental. You will also avoid the crowds of tourists that fill the hotels at this time, which will help make your vacation a lot more enjoyable.

The flower festival, La Feria de la Flores, is one of the most famous events in Medellin. It is held every year, at the beginning of August, and it involves spectacular parades of flower carriers or silleteros, horses and beautiful vintage cars. The city also hosts a large number of concerts at this time of year, which provides excellent entertainment for the visitor. Wherever in the city your rental apartment is located, you will feel as if you are part of the celebrations since the party atmosphere permeates the whole city during this festival. Living among the locals is the best way to enjoy the festival of flowers. venta carpas medellin

Christmas is also an interesting time to visit Medellin, since the city prepares for this holiday in a big way. The entire city seems to be lit up at this time, although the river is usually the most spectacular part of the city. Medellin has some of the best Christmas lights in the world, with a new theme each year that inspires stunning displays that deserve to be viewed as art rather than just as Christmas decorations. If you are staying in Medellin over the holidays, then renting an apartment will be a particularly good idea since you will be able to settle into your temporary home and enjoy a family Christmas, complete with presents and a home-cooked meal.

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